08 July 2008

Pretty. Gay.

This morning I dreamt of Golden Girls Barbie dolls. You remember The Golden Girls, right? The 1980s sitcom featuring Bea Arthur as one of a gaggle of post-menopausal pals and the zaniest art direction this side of Staying Alive. My favorite character was always Blanche Devereaux, the Southern belle. Maybe because the show hit me in early adolescence when I was very into mid-20th century theatre and reading a lot of Tennessee Williams. In my dream, the Blanche doll came with the prettiest stuff: spangly, flapper-style dresses with drop waists and shiny decor. Thus, she was the most covetable.

Then at work today I googled Judy Garland. I was curious about why she is such a big gay icon. This reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend this past spring during which I mentioned that I had googled Barbra Streisand. (For the same reason I googled Judy.) "Courtney, are you a gay man?" he chortled. Har har! What a witty beast! He's the one who was telling me his girlfriend's eyebrows (!) make him feel "uncomfortable." And demanded my assistance concocting an underhanded strategem to furnish his girlfriend with more acceptable eyebrows. It was one of those conversations I couldn't believe I was having.

I think I kind of get why Judy's so important, but I think I should learn more. Then I read an article on AfterElton.com about what it takes to become a gay icon. Because that's what I really want.

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