18 June 2008


Ok, I previously thought the SSION kinda sucked. No need watering it down. I saw them when they opened for Yeah Yeah Yeahs in, like, 2004. (This was during SSION's Animal Costume era.) Yeah, they were an art band, but I just couldn't go there with them.

Then yesterday I was looking around Bejeezus's myspace page--and SSION's one of their friends. So, I click over to there. Their song "Clown" is a hot mess! In a good way. And the Glass Candy remix is even better. The next thing I know, I'm googling Cody Critcheloe (he's from the other K state), reading about him online in The Voice and Kansas City's Pitch , and watching the video for "Street Jizz" on YouTube. SSION's had sort of a rethink about its aesthetic and mission, which I guess kind of happens all the time. And that's totally ok with me.

Photo from SSION's myspace page.

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