13 June 2008

Freaky Deaky

You know, one of the things I love best about the anarchokids I know here in Illwaukee is their insistence on putting themselves--rather than some dipshit reality show, movie, cult DVD, or celebrity--at the center of their lives. It's a beautiful thing to see.

One of the most inspiring examples of living life to its fullest that I know of is Gene Gallistel--full disclosure: I dated him for, like, a hot minute--and his Dead Man's Carnival compatriots, co-freaks, and hell-raisers. I haven't seen their show, which promises "a night of comedy, burlesque, clowns, fire, performances, cabaret[-]style music, magic, escapes, and death[-]defying stunts" yet--resulting mainly from my own mulishness about not being on the guest list--but everyone I know was peeing in their pants over their April show.

Hell, I might even catch them at Stonefly tomorrow night since my dinner guests bailed on me.

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