29 May 2008

When Zines Fall Apart: Ongoing Venus Zine Snark

A few weeks ago, someone I know in publishing mentioned that Venus Zine founder Amy Schroeder sold her publication in 2006. Like Crystal Method, I guess I didn't know. The new owners are Anne Brindle and Marci Sepulveda, the ladies behind Chicago Agent Magazine. That's right--they're in real estate--which is so totally synonymous with indie culture and the underground, right?

The downward spiral of Venus Zine makes sense in this context. I picked up the latest issue earlier this week, which unequivocally convinced me I am so right about everything I've said about Venus in the past. I was nauseous and embarrassed for them when I saw the piece about Amelie Gillette, who serves up self-indulgent, pointless, and poorly written derivative shit every week for the fucktardedly sexist, racist, classist The Onion.

Punk Planet
and Clamor drop like flies, but the newly lame Venus flourishes. The gods do have their revenge! BUST, they of the School of Fuck Me Shoe Feminism, stopped being a contender a long time ago. That's why Bitch is more important than ever.

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