11 April 2008

Do You Trust Marc Jacobs?

Do you trust Marc Jacobs to save the world? I don't. I am not trying to start up venuszinepettycriticism.blogspot.com or dis the fashion world's MJ--though, I must admit seeing the designer top that mag's most recent Hot(tttttttttttt) List irked me enough to fantasize about sending a prim, pedantic email that began "I'm not sure if Venus Zine readers are aware of it or not, but the Marc Jacobs label is owned by French fashion circle jerk LVMH..."

I recently read Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas. I recommend this book to anyone who's "into fashion." It's mad informative. I had problems with it, though, because a) it just came to an end and b) it never interrogated consumption or even c) asked Exactly what the fuck are we (as in you, retailers, and the rest of us as inhabitants of this fucking finite planet) gonna fuckin do when India, Russia, and China markets dry up; what then, you shortsighted motherfuckers??!!

I'm suspicious of the idea that we can get out of our current environmental and economic problems by buying more stuff--no matter how environmentally friendly or Fair Trade it claims to be--because buying shit is what got us into trouble in the first place, ya know? Let's be wary of this as a solution to all or any of our global woes, ok?

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