16 April 2008

Book TV?

I've been thinking of doing a blog about books and reading. I love reading. Books, I realize, are my albums. I go through books like a hot knife through room-temperature butter. And I read rather fast. All of this sets me up to have no comprehension of people who "don't really read." And I'm very thankful to my mother for instilling that love. That's when I lose track of what I'm doing and where I am. I love the co-creative process of words on a page setting off a little movie in my head.

I've noticed that the Favorite Books section of my profile is infinitely more populous than Favorite Music or Favorite Movies could ever hope to be. But when would I have time? Could I do books justice?? Wait! I've got it: a reading label. I think I'll call it Hyperliterate.

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