25 March 2008

Thank you, Gudrun Sjödén

I first became aware of Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén's designs last year while I flicked through the pages of Selvedge. I was instantly entranced by her silhouettes, her usage of layering and, well, trousers. Her models seemed comfortable in their own skin--something an American woman notices right off.

It's become downright eerie, though, the way Gudrun Sjödén regularly manufactures the items for which I've inwardly yearned--the tunics, leggings, coats, and "folkloric" woven trousers. How does she do it??

As if that weren't enough, it appears Sjödén has created the swimsuit of dreams--delightfully reminiscent of svelte 1930s swimwear and endearingly ass-covering.

Photo from gudrunsjoden.com.

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