04 March 2008

My Exciting Research Question

This afternoon at work, I chanced to think, Does/can/should clothing play a role in one's evolution as a person/spiritual development? Zoinks! If only I could have come up with this when Beverly Gordon was asking for a thesis topic in 2004!!

Surely, surely, this is a sacrilege, though--being aware of what one is wearing leads to the very opposite of evolution or spiritual development. But wouldn't most people say music or dance could play an important role in evolution or spiritual development? If so, why not clothing??

As I see it, if I have something simple, unfussy (yet flattering) on, that's my canvas or backdrop. The simplicity helps me not to get bogged down; the flattering bit means I can feel like my best self--which means I can act better toward others. For the record, I don't think Prada leads to enlightenment. Most likely, that would require hemp and get-ups like the ones worn by inhabitants of Tatooine.

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