27 November 2007

In My Jeans

Though I'm sort of embarrassed to admit it, I miss wearing jeans. Why is that? They're such a no-brainer, default mode for clothing. No more thinking about what I'm going to put on on the weekend! And they are--happily--rather durable.

When is Easter again? Oh, yeah. March 23. That's, like, four months! That's a really long time. Maybe I can quit on Ash Wednesday? Erm, no.

Though, I am proud of the fact that I haven't worn jeans once! Not once! Not around the house! Not to do laundry or housework! I haven't even tried a pair on. Ok. I can do this. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I have been wearing denim trousers, which are--trust me!--different from jeans.

24 November 2007

Am I A Bag Bitch?

Yesterday at work I had a mini-hissy fit over Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. The backstory is: last Monday at work we had a bag and shoe sample sale. I snapped up a cute little number and 3 wallets. Yippee! Since then, I've been noticing other women's bags.

Ok, and I've had a bag crush on the Marc Jacobs "Christy" yoga bag for years. Putzing around on the Nordstrom site earlier this week was the fine spray of gasoline on that little flame.

Retailing for $450-ish, I could totally put this on my Visa, I "reasoned." I clicked feverishly from site to site, cursing retailers offering the "Teri," but not the obviously much more desirable "Faridah." At the height of this bag spiral, I reminded myself I had a few hundred hanging out in my savings account. The "yes, but" part of that sentence is that it's next month's loan payment. The things we're willing to do to feel like Halle Berry!

The thing is, I know the bag would not have made my life better. In fact, it likely would have set off a chain reaction of debt resulting from my bag-stimulated desire to freshen my hairstyle; buy a new pair of shoes; book a facial, mani and pedi; and spruce up my apt's decor just a tad.

But then I realized Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are probably made in China. If I decided to buy a new bag I could collaborate with a local designer like Fashion Ninja's Areka Ikeler--who recycles preexisting materials and sews on her machine right here in the USA.