29 December 2007

Pretty great

Yesterday was a pretty great day--and it's spilling over into today. I wrote copy for a mailer at work. My concept is pretty bitchin, if I do say so myself. I lit out early due to "inclement weather." (I'm puzzled by the pantywaist, alarmist talk on weather.com, by the way. It's winter. And we live in Wisconsin. Therefore, it snows.)

I'm loving the new Alterra in Riverwest, it so happens. I signed up for a crochet class--which I've been wanting to do for the longest time--at the adjacent Loop yarn den and met up at the cafe with my best young man. I added it to my list of Riverwest places I love with great interiors like Art*Bar and Nessun Dorma. And it's all the better cuz you always run into folks from the neighborhood. Yay! We had a great conversation--during which I connected Velvet Underground with Thai food...and explicated on Hedwig and the Angry Inch along the way. Oh, I also requisitioned the houndstooth trousers I bought at Fischberger's and wore them yesterday. I looked great!

Also adding to the Riverwest goodness: I'm going to be doing Poetry Marathon this year! Yeehaw! I worked last year's event as a volunteer, but this is my first time as a reader. I didn't get one of the A-list timeslots (chile, you gotta sign up early!), but I'm looking forward to my 5 minutes of poetry fame--which adds up to about .005 minutes of regular fame--nonetheless. So, give me a donation!

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