26 December 2007

How Was Your Xmess?

MK does not celebrate Christmas, the birth of little baby Jesus notwithstanding. She did, however, exchange Solstice gifts. As Yoko Ono would say, Yes, Ms. Kansas is a witch.

This past Saturday, Ms. K made the jaunt to Fischberger's, 2445 N. Holton, for the first time. It seems like a Milwaukee classic-in-the-making to MK. It's an adorably brilliant variety store full of fabric and sewing notions, old-fashioned toys, attractive futuretro kitchenwares, candy and lifestyle novelties and well-curated secondhand clothing. Tres charmant!

Ms. Kansas picked up a pair of houndstooth trousers for her fella and bubblegum cigarettes. The lively little emporium has actually been open for a year. It's now a must for anyone's Riverwest itinerary.

Photo from onmilwaukee.com.

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