01 September 2007

Wait...There's More!

The Church of Style myspace page is a little less visually disgusting. Check it out at www.myspace.com/churchofstyle. It's September already? Oh, fuck! Putting that aside, what's going on in Church of Style?

Took in Aesthetic Apparatus lecture at Discovery World and wrote it up for thedailypage.com. Read it here! Interviewing Holly Golightly--she of You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying fame--for Madison's Isthmus. See her British bluesy excellence at Mad Planet in Milwaukee or Cafe Montmartre in the Mad. I last saw Ms. Golightly and her excellent band when they played at High Noon Saloon on the same bill with...the Dirtbombs. There isn't time to go into the Dirtbombs Debacle of 2004 here; suffice it to say it's ok to blow off your shift at the Fair Trade store if the Dirtbombs are in town. It just is.

What else is happening? There have been some very interesting adventures in the name style the past few weeks--oh, yes. Like: getting an electric charge run through my face when I got a facial at Aveda Institute. Thanks, girls! I finally ordered a Panic t-shirt yesterday. I bought it on sale; with shipping, it still ends up under $20! I am talking about Panic so much I'm feeling as if I might have to start up a Panic label. I'm not sure if the Church of Style is ready for that yet. I'll keep you posted. Work on the button progresses via email and cameraphone snapshots. For real. I haven't seen Arekchik since March. In other news, under the influence of Tilly and the Wall, I signed up for tap dance lessons at Milwaukee's Danceworks. Well, let me amend that. At the age of 12, I saw Sinatra's Pal Joey and became obsessed with the idea of being a showgirl. Unfortunately, in the late 1980s, that area wasn't seeing a lot of what our economist friends call job growth. But now, with the whole neo-burlesque movement, I am happily poised to make those pubescent dreams and fantasies come true. I cannot wait to make like Jo Baker in a fringed skirt!

Last--though, obviously now least, a couple weeks back, I bought my ticket for the November 3 Tori Amos show at the Riverside in Milwaukee. So, there is a blog post to come about that. Maybe there will be a Tori label. That seems fair.

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