07 August 2007

Spreading Love, Spreading Style

Church of Style is entering an exciting expansion phase! Urk!! Whoops, sorry. I forgot where I was for a minute there. Although it is true that some things are happening that I consider pretty cool and neat. The first thing is that there will soon be a Church of Style button. You heard right! They're not just for bands! My friend and design wunderkind Arek Miaskowski is Quarking away on it as I type. Secondly, and not quite so grandiosely, Church of Style has a myspace page. Um. Sort of. I haven't had a great deal of time in the past month to redesign it--but I totally will soon! And add friends! The url is myspace.com/churchofstyle. Embrace my phenomenon.

01 August 2007

Straight Outta Omaha? or Midwestern Kings and Queens, also known as Tilly and the Wall

Having started a new job last week, I was unable to turn this around in time for thedailypage.com in time for Tilly's Milwaukee show. But as we know at Church of Style, when life gives you style--make styleade, dammit! Tilly's interested me for some time, with their cute clothes, off-kilter instrumentation and Midwestern mystique. These answers were supplied by the talented Miss Kianna--to whom I offer many thanks. I hope you're back to 20/20 soon...and say hi to Conor for me. Photo from Tilly's myspace page.

What musicians or artists inspire you?
I am inspired by so much more than music. Life…waking up and living. Quantum physics, evolution, chaos theory, these are the real inspirations. Real honest feelings come out of learning incredible things everyday and experiencing life as it goes.

How would you describe Tilly and the Wall?
A band of harpies, fierce and loyal.

[Some of your band members were inspired to move to Omaha.] Most young folks go,I’m gonna move to New York or L.A. to do my thing! Omaha must be infinitely more affordable, though. What was it like? Though, some of the band members are from Omaha. Do any of you feel committed to the Midwest?
Omaha is a place to be if you have friends and family here. It's a place you can have lots of fun in if you have loved ones to share time with, Otherwise, don't get prepared for too much stimulation.

Do you feel like you're part of a scene or movement?
We are part of a growing group here in Omaha. The artists and weirdos are few but growing. We are proud to be friends with most of those people.

Bands as diverse as yours, Dresden Dolls, Panic! At the Disco, Gogol Bordello and the Ditty Bops, embrace a performative, theatrical element missing from the "average band." And there's an audience, even a hunger, for it. What do you make of that? What, if anything, does it signify?
I have not heard or seen any of those bands. I actually did hear that Panic! At the Disco song a bunch, [b]ut a[m] mostly unfamiliar. BUT we dohave a huge interest in our live show being something fun to watch. More so, we want to break the barrier between us and the crowdwatching us. We want to blend the two into one awesome party.

What do you think of how the media portrays your band? Would you say there are any misconceptions?
I don't know. I don't see any one theme coming across in anything I've read. In the beginning there was a lot of skepticism about the tap-dancing. We don't really care about being misconceived, though. Tapping is just someone's feet hitting the ground. One time or another it must've been taboo to hit animal skins with sticks.

What are you listening to?
I am listening to The Ssion, 2 Live Crew, Times New Viking, and the Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra.