24 July 2007

MK Writes Ads Not Tragedies

Well, not quite yet, but she totally will once she can sign on to her computer. Yesterday was MK's first day at the finest department store in the Paris of Wisconsin. Though she has not started writing ad copy, she will go to a meeting tomorrow regarding her first assignment, an ad for Beauty Week. Wouldn't that be a great band name? Or maybe the Beauty Editors? Har har.

During her interview, MK actually talked about this here blog with the fella who's now her boss. Talk about self-conscious self-referencing scensterism! But it is good to be queen...

Who would have thought it? Now Ms. K's mom can say, "My daughter works in advertising." Lo! The years of textile and clothing history do pay off. In other fashion news, Ms. Kansas is trying to connect with Milwaukee fashionette Leslie Vaglica to get herself a pair of non-jeans made. Stay tuned...

In music-and-fashion-just-blur-more-and-more-now-these-days-my-god-what-are-we-coming-to news, MK plans to buy Panic! tees, solving at least part of the ever-present Top Question. She imagines they will go nicely with suspenders and trousers for work. (If Ms. Kansas were 10 years younger she would surely be all about Ryan Ross. Doesn't he resemble the age-appropriate-for-MK Nick Zinner? Is it the hair?)

And in um-yeah-they-dress-kind-of-cool-but-my-deadline-is-kinda-coming-up news, can someone get Tilly and the Wall to holla at a sister?

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