23 July 2007

Envy Me!

And not because I'm rap's MVP, y'all...Yesterday I went out looking for a pair of pants. I thought it would be a quick and dirty into Starship. Erm, no. You see, while everyone was sleeping the evil retail genies replaced all the pants with pairs of tights that are 34 inches long--no less. Or, at least, that's what it seemed like.

I had wanted to buy the pants last week, but made myself wait. I pictured myself flitting here and there in my grey pants. Woe! Woe! It wasn't meant to be. As I struggled into and shucked off three different pair, I found myself thinking, This would be great if I needed leggings.

Somewhat traumatized, I skittered off to Detour hoping to luck onto something at their big sale. What the hell's going on? Let's just say you shouldn't go near anything made in Sweden if you aren't unbelievably tall, long-legged and skinny.

By this time, I was disgruntled, but I knew which way salvation lay. Envy has not only a shoe selection--including a sweet array of PF Flyers--sure to cause your brain to release endorphins--but also reasonably priced (and cute!) bags, hats, pants and shirts. I scooped up an adorable pair of black lounge pants to meet my yoga instructor's knee- and leg-baring requirement, a striped maxi shirt in one of my sought-after poison yellow-green shades, and a pair of pants my butt doesn't fall out of.

There isn't time to go into my own personal Vans debacle here (caused by my own short-sightedness), but, rest assured, Envy is the place to hook up your sneaks. Everyone you know will be beside themselves with...what else?

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