21 June 2007

Panic! At Summerfest

Though I'm not a Milwaukee native--or even longtime resident--I have developed genteel distaste for Summerfest. Watery beer for $7? I don't even drink! Though I am looking forward to seeing Panic! At the Disco--the multiplatinum Las Vegas band under the tutelage Fall Out Boy. Their shows apparently bring the old-timey visual appeal and theatrical flavor.

Those boys are in Las Vegas as I type working on a new album, but they're taking time out to come to Summerfest. In its run-up, the band's songwriter Ryan Ross--a Bukowski admirer, no less!--took the time to talk a little bit this afternoon. They'll probably be the saving grace of Summerfest for me. And they know their way around eye makeup. Photo from Big Hassle.

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