05 June 2007

Lovely Times

Grey and red
Pleasingly disarming when worn together! MK has a Tulle--she thinks--sweater that looks like it was copied from a 1930s or 1940s original with its styling (e.g. self-covered buttons, slight pouf at the top of the armhole), almost-delicate gauge and lilac grey and boisterous red colorway. She also pairs a vintage wool coat with a grey wool "old man cap" to get a fix of this combination.

Of course, this also applies to bicycling, but MK does not have a bike--and thinks only of the outlay of money required to get oneself in proper bicycling mode. At any rate, begs the question: exercise, transportation or quality time? All three! Wear Danskos or Earth Shoes for a cute bluestocking look.

To wear a boot, or not to wear a boot: the question is "How?"
MK loves the look of her tan cords with a pair of vintage Frye boots she found at an Iowa City yard sale. It's an unbelievably comfortable chic look--as right as boots and khakis are irrevocably, tragically wrong.

Brown or white glasses
Ms. Kansas is saying once more: "Enough already." Actually, she had this conversation with an ex-boyfriend this past weekend. Stop the black glasses. The lady in HR has a pair, ok? They're completely over. Freshen up your face with a brown or white frame instead. If you're at all dark, this will be a gorgeously striking look.

The Low Countries
Well, yes, Ms. K did pick a pair of new glasses recently. And, yes, they're brown. The most interesting candidates were from Belgium and the Netherlands. (She picked the Belgian pair. She admits to overweening smugness over this fact.) Margiela, Koolhaas, de Stijl--honey, what are you waiting for?

Tote bags
Let's pull back from the big, bloaty bags, shall we? It's understandable that so many women lost their heads. Tote bags--from the museum, from a conference, from Lands' End--are cute and pluckily utilitarian. Throw your stuff in and you look effortlessly pulled together.

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