09 June 2007

Love Beads

I went to a preview of the Bead & Button Show at Midwest Airlines Center on Thursday evening for a piece I was writing for thedailypage.com. Go to the Bead & Button Show! It's absolutely amazing and inspiring. I wanted to convey that in the story I did for the Isthmus, but it took me a long time because I didn't want to come off as inspirational and cheesy. The show is the biggest bead show in the country. I think I'm going back to buy beads from Lillypilly Designs to make earrings. People come from other countries to buy beads and take workshops and classes offered. I think "Your top is cute!" must be cmprehensible in any language. It's genuinely amazing to see what comes out of other people's minds and hands--and that's the best part.

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