20 June 2007

Jeans Replacement

I have been off jeans since at least late February. I gave them up for Lent, but now my plan is to remain jeans-free until next Easter. In the interview with Alissa Anderson, I asked if she wore jeans--as I always do. Apparently, swearing off jeans is not as radical as one would think. Alissa didn't wear jeans in high school, for example. Melora Creager doesn't wear them at all. Piney Gir puts them on only if it's really, really cold out. In response to the question about what she wore in real life, Alissa described different pairs of non-jeans she has. My own search for non-jeans this past spring convinced me that it was just soooo hard to find a replacement for jeans.

Au contraire! At the end of May, I went to a jiu jitsu class and--ethnic trouser alert!-realized the students wore these really snappy traditonal Japanese trousers hakama. They're very full-legged and graceful. I could imagine wearing them to the office or out for the evening.

Alissa was a great reminder that patience with non-jeans is the key; pretty soon it will be corduroy season. Also, Alissa hipped me to TINC, the line by San Francisco designer Savannah Knoop.

I like the trousers Savannah makes, especially the Malandro, for their original silhouettes. I also still like the idea of having a uniform--something I can just put on if I'm not having any brilliant ideas that day and just feel comfortable and pulled together--and the dark TINC trousers are an excellent anchor, I think. Photo of aforementioned trouser courtesy of Savannah Knoop. Check out Savannah's wares at her website. Click here.

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