22 April 2007

Hair Peace: Black Hair Is...Black Hair Ain't

MK has noticed that she keeps on writing about hair--particularly Black women's hair. So, she's decided to roll out a series about this sorely neglected topic that she will whimsically call "Black Hair Is/Black Hair Ain't."

A few notes: when Ms. K refers to that institution, "Black hair," she refers specifically to the kinky, coil-y kind. Yes, Black hair is an institution housing a multiplicity of types--curly, wavy and even the more-or-less straight. But because Ms. K has more-or-less kinky Black hair--thus, this it is the area of her 30+-year expertise--this is what she shall be discussing. Also, Ms. Kansas will admit right now her bias against wigs, weaves, extensions and all manner of follicular duplicity. Having said that, she must duly admit this bias is predicated upon the fact that her own hair grows rather quickly. And if it's not glaringly apparent from previous posts, Ms. K will have no truck whatsoever with chemicals that change Black hair's molecular structure on the grounds that such chemicals are exceedingly harmful and dangerous. As MK has said before: hair is like a gay man. If it's not that way to begin with, don't destroy it trying to make it straight. So, having parsed all this out, gentle reader, know that even if one does not necessarily agree with MK's hair homilies, she may still have something to offer.

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