03 April 2007

A Girl Like I

Yes, kittens, Ms. Kansas is Courtney Becks! But of course! Here are some things to look forward to this week: the eventual posting of the Church of Style interview with Rasputina's Melora Creager. Yep, she's a Kansas girl, too. That'll happen later this week. Another MK Is Feeling. This week's installment about my style week will include shopping for glasses, among other things, and a word about Gem Sweater Lady No. 1 Leslie Hall.

Last week I did go soak up the Classic Movie at the Charles Allis Art Museum, refusing to let dank weather hold me down. And a treat it was! First of all, it's in a, like, mansion. Though Three Smart Girls Grow Up did suffer from a flimsy plot, one element was very surprising in that, decades ahead of its time, it addressed the issue of the deletorious effect of fathers working too much. Of course, the reason for the overwork is to give the family "things," which offer cold comfort if one's parent is a stranger.

Anyway, the costumes were insanely beautiful. There was just too much to take in! The sleeves! The drape! The shoulders! And so beautifully wrought!! Interestingly, this film solved a lifelong conundrum. As a girl, I watched Destry Rides Again one Sunday afternoon. I was just a child, but I copied down the name of the Costume Designer in a notebook when the credits rolled. I could never find out anything about "Vbra West." When I asked Dale E. Kuntz who the designer was for Three Smart Girls Grow Up, he said: "Vera West." As a person who's always thought in pages and words, it clicked instantly: it had been a penmanship mistake.

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