22 March 2007


Let there be rejoicing! I can't wait for the new Björk album! I didn't know it was coming out until a Tuesday when I was wasting time on the Internet. Am I verklempt? Well, yes, because Björk will be playing a show in Chicago. I've read around, and apparently this album is "commercial" in that she's worked with Timbaland. (Did anyone else find it interesting how he recycled that beat from that almost-10-year-old Aaliyah song for Justin Timberlake? Do I ever have memories of that song! Ah, me...) I'm absolutely looking forward to Volta and the cover art. Flipping through the liner notes--that's the reason iPods make me balky--I realized Björk wears a Hussein Chalayan jacket on the Post album cover. Yep, I nicked the photo from www.bjork.com.

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