26 March 2007

MK Is Feeling...

Oh, how MK loves spring--as, who does not? Right, kittens? On a totally gorge Milwaukee day, here are some of the things Ms. Kansas is feeling right now:

So flirty! This insouciant little circular flounce makes you glad you have hips. Provides lovely structure for your top, too.

Forever 21
Woo boy! No, MK would not go back to being 21 for anything in this world, let alone forever 21. That is MK's definition of hell, hell, hell, right there. Yes, MK has only ventured into F21 for the first time this month--after years of buzz. She is absolutely jacked on how it's wall-to-wall cute knit tops in there.

Sculptural Heels
MK wouldn't know what to do without the rust-colored suede ones she wore for the first time to a Public Allies shindig this last Friday--believe you her. God forbid, these shoes make her happy. Oy! But isn't it bad luck just to say such a thing! Not chunky, not blocky (see the whizz-band pair YSL has out in all the fashion editorials). But rather they have heft, a definite 3-D presence. Like strapping sculptures to your feet, rather.

MK absolutely cannot get enough of chartreuse. It is her favorite color. In fact, she is enamored with a whole range of poison greens. At the Gallery Night in January, MK strategically sat herself down on a chartreuse Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair at the Little Friends event at Design Within Reach. "Wow," remarked a woman, "you look great sitting in that chair." "I know," replied the red plaid-coated MK, never one to feign modesty. And lately, MK is loving fig. No, not the specious pasty filling of always too-dry Newton repute. But rather fig as fragrance. Thymes has a tart fig leaf and cassis scent that makes MK's mouth water. A welcome palette cleanser in the world of Gucci Envy Fuschia 819. In a whimsical moment, Ms. Kansas decided that if chartreause had a smell, it would be figs.

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