28 March 2007

Day In the Life

Ms. Kansas has had a style day that would wreck a woman of lesser stuff: first, a failed attempt to buy a ticket for Björk's Chicago show (MK will have to scrabble around for hers when they go on sale for the Ticketmaster plebeians); then, the discovery that she already has one top with the coveted Adult Onesie neckline; staying warm in pastel wellies; and receiving soon-to-be-posted results of Piney Gir interview.

Oh, but there's more: no matter how cold and rainy it is out today MK will go forward bravely with her plan to take in a classic movie at the Charles Allis Art Museum. She does so love off-the-beaten track events to keep things unique. Dale E. Kuntz curates the series. He's picked Deanna Durbin films for the next few weeks. Popcorn and a gander at the decorative arts holdings! Perfect.

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