20 March 2007

The D Word

In retrospect, MK’s mother had superb taste in music. (Of course, MK did not realize this until she was in her late 20s.) She remembers that when Marvin Gaye died it was as grim about the house as a fugue. And MK’s mom (Mrs. Oklahoma) was right about The Commodores, though, hopefully, she would disavow their later recordings. Ah, those hopeful days when MO wore trig little hats, shortie gloves with a self-covered button at the wrist, and the odd coat of purple lipstick.

That’s why it’s so odd that MO has had nothing to say about Dreamgirls. Reader, understand that as a tiny girl lisping her lessons at her mama’s knee, MK heard Dreamgirls this and Dreamgirls that. So, the fact that what must surely be a major occasion in MO’s life as a Dreamgirls fan goes unremarked, let alone unheralded, portents ominously, no?

Does MK dare approach the topic—though, however delicately, only to have her hair blown back? Does MO hate Beyoncé? MK is no fan of Ms. Knowles herself and finds it difficult to imagine transferring her money for her enrichment—and what for? To watch a thinly veiled historicization of the way Beyoncé’s daddy did those other girls from Destiny’s Child dirty? Hmm. No thanks.

Is MO a Dreamgirls purist who holds Jennifer Hudson in the iciest contempt as some Effie-come-lately MK must confess that she is to this day unable to distinguish Stephanie Mills from Jennifer Holliday.

Or perhaps MO objects to Jamie Foxx. Golddigger, indeed, fuck you very much. And, really, hasn’t he become a tad overexposed in the past year?

Then again, perhaps MO has old axes to grind with Eddie Murphy—whose old comedy videos taught MK to do a James Brown impression.

Perhaps it is sheer folly to knowingly walk into some sort of Dreamgirls diatribe—yea, bring it down on one’s own head. MK may pluck up her courage—or throw caution to the wind—and put the question to MO. She’ll let you know.

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