27 March 2007

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One doesn't realize how one's been groping around in the dark until learning the phrase "What in arse?"

Shopping For Winter Coats Right Now
MK chanced upon a beauty this past Friday. Crimson red. Sweet little rounded collar. Leather-trimmed pockets. Perhaps it's living in Wisconsin that creates this consuming mania for having a winter coat that is both drop dead gorge and dead toasty. One is never enough. Oy vey ist mir! MK also has her eye on a slighty manky, but still regal, old fur she saw in a Milwaukee resale store. In it, she has no doubt she would fee like a mysterious deposed duchess fleeing a regime crack-up. Add turqouise eyeshadow, and MK is thinking she'd have a look.

Blotting Papers
Essence magazine's Beauty Editor Miki Taylor was right when she said that powder was unnecessary if one used these. The truth is, MK's maquillage is nothing more than Aveda sunscreen and Burt's Bees rice powder oil-absorbing papers to knock off the resulting mortifying shine. Truth be told, Ms. K ran from a M.A.C counter, tail between legs, the last time she was in her namesake state in a state of unseemly intimidation.

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