30 March 2007


I just bought my Björk ticket for the Chicago show. I really can't believe it. Sure, it relieved me of a great deal of money. But so what? I got this photo from the great lady's myspace page.

28 March 2007

Day In the Life

Ms. Kansas has had a style day that would wreck a woman of lesser stuff: first, a failed attempt to buy a ticket for Björk's Chicago show (MK will have to scrabble around for hers when they go on sale for the Ticketmaster plebeians); then, the discovery that she already has one top with the coveted Adult Onesie neckline; staying warm in pastel wellies; and receiving soon-to-be-posted results of Piney Gir interview.

Oh, but there's more: no matter how cold and rainy it is out today MK will go forward bravely with her plan to take in a classic movie at the Charles Allis Art Museum. She does so love off-the-beaten track events to keep things unique. Dale E. Kuntz curates the series. He's picked Deanna Durbin films for the next few weeks. Popcorn and a gander at the decorative arts holdings! Perfect.

27 March 2007

Also Feeling...

Books Written by Britauthors
One doesn't realize how one's been groping around in the dark until learning the phrase "What in arse?"

Shopping For Winter Coats Right Now
MK chanced upon a beauty this past Friday. Crimson red. Sweet little rounded collar. Leather-trimmed pockets. Perhaps it's living in Wisconsin that creates this consuming mania for having a winter coat that is both drop dead gorge and dead toasty. One is never enough. Oy vey ist mir! MK also has her eye on a slighty manky, but still regal, old fur she saw in a Milwaukee resale store. In it, she has no doubt she would fee like a mysterious deposed duchess fleeing a regime crack-up. Add turqouise eyeshadow, and MK is thinking she'd have a look.

Blotting Papers
Essence magazine's Beauty Editor Miki Taylor was right when she said that powder was unnecessary if one used these. The truth is, MK's maquillage is nothing more than Aveda sunscreen and Burt's Bees rice powder oil-absorbing papers to knock off the resulting mortifying shine. Truth be told, Ms. K ran from a M.A.C counter, tail between legs, the last time she was in her namesake state in a state of unseemly intimidation.

26 March 2007

MK Is Feeling...

Oh, how MK loves spring--as, who does not? Right, kittens? On a totally gorge Milwaukee day, here are some of the things Ms. Kansas is feeling right now:

So flirty! This insouciant little circular flounce makes you glad you have hips. Provides lovely structure for your top, too.

Forever 21
Woo boy! No, MK would not go back to being 21 for anything in this world, let alone forever 21. That is MK's definition of hell, hell, hell, right there. Yes, MK has only ventured into F21 for the first time this month--after years of buzz. She is absolutely jacked on how it's wall-to-wall cute knit tops in there.

Sculptural Heels
MK wouldn't know what to do without the rust-colored suede ones she wore for the first time to a Public Allies shindig this last Friday--believe you her. God forbid, these shoes make her happy. Oy! But isn't it bad luck just to say such a thing! Not chunky, not blocky (see the whizz-band pair YSL has out in all the fashion editorials). But rather they have heft, a definite 3-D presence. Like strapping sculptures to your feet, rather.

MK absolutely cannot get enough of chartreuse. It is her favorite color. In fact, she is enamored with a whole range of poison greens. At the Gallery Night in January, MK strategically sat herself down on a chartreuse Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair at the Little Friends event at Design Within Reach. "Wow," remarked a woman, "you look great sitting in that chair." "I know," replied the red plaid-coated MK, never one to feign modesty. And lately, MK is loving fig. No, not the specious pasty filling of always too-dry Newton repute. But rather fig as fragrance. Thymes has a tart fig leaf and cassis scent that makes MK's mouth water. A welcome palette cleanser in the world of Gucci Envy Fuschia 819. In a whimsical moment, Ms. Kansas decided that if chartreause had a smell, it would be figs.

22 March 2007


Let there be rejoicing! I can't wait for the new Björk album! I didn't know it was coming out until a Tuesday when I was wasting time on the Internet. Am I verklempt? Well, yes, because Björk will be playing a show in Chicago. I've read around, and apparently this album is "commercial" in that she's worked with Timbaland. (Did anyone else find it interesting how he recycled that beat from that almost-10-year-old Aaliyah song for Justin Timberlake? Do I ever have memories of that song! Ah, me...) I'm absolutely looking forward to Volta and the cover art. Flipping through the liner notes--that's the reason iPods make me balky--I realized Björk wears a Hussein Chalayan jacket on the Post album cover. Yep, I nicked the photo from www.bjork.com.

20 March 2007

The D Word

In retrospect, MK’s mother had superb taste in music. (Of course, MK did not realize this until she was in her late 20s.) She remembers that when Marvin Gaye died it was as grim about the house as a fugue. And MK’s mom (Mrs. Oklahoma) was right about The Commodores, though, hopefully, she would disavow their later recordings. Ah, those hopeful days when MO wore trig little hats, shortie gloves with a self-covered button at the wrist, and the odd coat of purple lipstick.

That’s why it’s so odd that MO has had nothing to say about Dreamgirls. Reader, understand that as a tiny girl lisping her lessons at her mama’s knee, MK heard Dreamgirls this and Dreamgirls that. So, the fact that what must surely be a major occasion in MO’s life as a Dreamgirls fan goes unremarked, let alone unheralded, portents ominously, no?

Does MK dare approach the topic—though, however delicately, only to have her hair blown back? Does MO hate Beyoncé? MK is no fan of Ms. Knowles herself and finds it difficult to imagine transferring her money for her enrichment—and what for? To watch a thinly veiled historicization of the way Beyoncé’s daddy did those other girls from Destiny’s Child dirty? Hmm. No thanks.

Is MO a Dreamgirls purist who holds Jennifer Hudson in the iciest contempt as some Effie-come-lately MK must confess that she is to this day unable to distinguish Stephanie Mills from Jennifer Holliday.

Or perhaps MO objects to Jamie Foxx. Golddigger, indeed, fuck you very much. And, really, hasn’t he become a tad overexposed in the past year?

Then again, perhaps MO has old axes to grind with Eddie Murphy—whose old comedy videos taught MK to do a James Brown impression.

Perhaps it is sheer folly to knowingly walk into some sort of Dreamgirls diatribe—yea, bring it down on one’s own head. MK may pluck up her courage—or throw caution to the wind—and put the question to MO. She’ll let you know.

16 March 2007

The Cod

Creative Director Grace Coddington is my heroine at Vogue magazine. To me, she seems like the Glenda the Good Witch, the isle of common sense and humor, in the Oz that is the industry.

I imagine she works hard, loves what she does and--no doubt--enjoys the perks of her world. But I think of her as the thinking woman's editor. In photos I've seen she's not a label victim. The Cod looks ready to get down to business and as if she brooks no foolishness.

I see her cloud of red hair in my mind's eye as she relaxes at home. She sits knitting as she reads a beautifully photographed book about 20th-century Finnish textiles and clothing. The cat drowsing on her feet is undisturbed as she rises to show her partner coiffure master Didier Malige a particularly stunning example. They have a light lunch, then motor over to an event sponsored by the Costume and Textile Collection at a nearby historical society. Afterward--it's a summer weekend--more reading and a walk before bed. The Cod's outfits are comfortable, yet unusual.

Erm, ok, I'm pretty much assuming The Cod is the way I want to be at the full height of my power and maturity. But I wouldn't be surprised if some of it were true.

10 March 2007

So Fresh, So Clean

The fresh and clean I refer to is the design of Selvedge, a journal about textiles--only not stodgy and insufferably boring--or pitiful in that tacky art-to-wear kind of way. The issues are works of art, as one would expect from people passionate about the beauty of textiles. Each issue has a theme. There's something for everyone: "Directed towards an international, discerning audience, [it] covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping." The only uncool thing about Selvedge is how sodding expensive it is. "How can a magazine cost $20 dollars?!" I yelped the first time I encountered a copy at the Barnes & Noble on the east side of Madison, WI. Yep, $20. Selvedge is British--and Britmags do cost a bit more. Subscribing, though, is nominally less expensive!