08 February 2007

African Fashion

Well, it seems like Africa is the uncontested It Continent just now. Dare to dispute? Where did Brad and Angelina have their baby? To say nothing of where their latest adoptee came from... Where did Madonna get her new one?? Africa, people, Africa. MK's thinking they were thinking that getting that baby from East Asia is just too white Volvo-driving, too middle-to-upper-middle class, too--let's face it--over. Why, the African baby is just the breath of fresh air the avant-garde needs. And you know how Madonna takes a trend and puts it out for mass acknowledgement. You just watch! African babies are the new navy blue! And you can accessorize your baby and yourself with some gorge Ndebele jewelry! Even if your baby's from Senegal! Don't miss out on being an early adopter--har har!
This didn't happen overnight, though, kiddies. Think Bono and Alexander McCall Smith; think Iman, Liya and Waris; Xuly Bet and Ozwald Boateng; Dior in 1997; think Nancy Cunard and Picasso. Diamonds, for the love of god. Where did you think Van Cleef and Arpels got them from? Connecticut?

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