16 January 2007

Our Lady of Silvery Glamour, Pt. I

Ms. Kansas has been thinking about Louise Brooks a lot lately. Ever since she read that book Silver Screens: A Pictorial History of Milwaukee's Movie Theaters. This morning Louise Brooks was in MK's dream wearing a gorge biscuit-colored 1930s dress and a pair of gloves. She had meant to wait to do this post, but MK has rather always been one to jump the gun.

You see, Ms. Kansas has elected Louise Brooks to be the patron saint of the Church of Style. Well, her actual title is Our Lady of Silvery Glamour, the Queen of Breathtaking Sleekness and Patron of the Church of Style. Blessed be. It is oh! so fitting, really the only thing would do--the only patron saint imaginable. For, bambini, Louise Brooks is the original Ms. Kansas. But, yes! Louise Brooks is from Cherryvale, KS, a town through which Ms. Kansas drove often in the first 17 years of life in her native state and namesake. (As a point of fact, Ms. Kansas grew up in a town not far away from Cherryvale called Parsons. As it turns out, Vivian Vance, Ethel to Lucille Ball's Lucy, is a native of the selfsame burg--Cherryvale, not Parsons, lovelies. Ms. Kansas knew this, but no one had bothered to mention Miss Louise Brooks. An interesting coincidence since I Love Lucy is the show that first lured Ms. Kansas into the1950s-sitcom-rerun-loving ways that first fueled her style imagination.) It was meant to be, no?

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