27 January 2007

Kinder, Gentler

Ms. Kansas had an insight: style is a team sport--not necessarilty cut-throat competitive. Though it shames her to admit it, MK, in her past lack of enlightenment, had the attitude that she had to outdress every Ugg-booted cow out there (and Uggs are so over the she hasn't mentioned them in years) and rub their nose in it with the aggression of a bodycheck.

No more. Style is a collective endeavor. The rising tide improves the lives of all. One of the ritualized behaviors signalling non-agression among women is the vocalization of admiration of another woman's appearance. It makes both parties feel better. In this beatific frame of mind, MK vows to share her style acumen--though not her secret shopping spots. She hasn't lost her mind...

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