23 April 2006

Not a Shop Hound

My weekend started on Thursday. I don't usually go out. A group of us from PA went to Elsa's and then to Mantra. Do not sleep: Kenya, Tyanna and Tish are fucking hilarious. We all had a good time eating yummy food and showing out. Then we went to Mantra, where my expectations went unfulfilled. I had thought they always had good djs. Maybe the music sucked because it was ladies' night or whatever.
Friday night I went to LuLu for my neighbor's birthday cele. I bought Megan really adorable stationary at Broad Vocabulary, then settled in and talked to boys and drank a Shirley Temple. When I remembered it was Gallery Night, I sauntered over to Paper Boat--birthday hat and all--and chatted with Faythe Levine. I cut that evening short because I knew I had river clean-up at 9AM the next morning. No Highbury for me.
After the cleanup, post-barbecue, I went shopping for sneakers. Not that I'm some shop hound that buys something every week or something. I stopped at the skate shop on the same side of Farwell as the Oriental. They don't sell women's sizes, which sucks my left one. So, I went across the street to Envy and got the sneakers I had been eyeing. I cannot wait to unleash them on everyone. I think I'll wear them to work with fishnets and a skirt. I decided to got to MODA 3 to look for bags because I found Envy's selection uninspired.
I didn't buy a bag at MODA 3. I did buy 2 tops because I never have enough. I held out on the bag because I bought a light blue one last week at Borders that has garnered compliments on two separate occasions this weekend. The thing about bags is that you can never have enough of them. That's the problem. The same thing with jackets! I didn't realize how picky I was about hoodies until yesterday. The last hoodie I bought was this vintage violet Adidas one with grey trim that I bought at a second-hand store in Brooklyn in 2002. It was the hoodie of hoodies. It was the perfect size and color, and the hood had just the right amount of floppiness. Fuck, I miss that jacket. There's the cut and fit to consider--that's the hardest part of hoodies to get right, I think. And then the whole factor of logos or writing; the line between cool and sycophantic is sometimes very slippery. And I have plenty of jackets!
I think pants also fit into the never enough category. I love pants. I don't really like wearing skirts or dresses. About jeans: I do not place jeans in the never enough category. I don't think an adult ever needs more than 3 (three) pairs of jeans at any one time. More than that is overkill. I think this comes from the part of me that likes the idea of a uniform. European friends have proven the 3-pair maxim is the way to go.
Today I went to Atomic and bought Cocorosie's latest cd. I haven't gotten all the way through it. It sounds like something induced by a fever dream. I also picked up Standing in the Way of Control. It's great. Their new drummer Hannah is awesome. I also think Brace is way underrated as a guitarist. He's quite good. And Beth Ditto is so pretty. Oh, and her voice is fucking amazing! To me, they sound very much like a Southern band. But then, I'm from the part of Kansas that borders Arkansas and I almost went to school in Searcy. "Keeping You Alive" is totally rocking my life this minute. Let it rock yours, too.

17 April 2006

Nick Zinner Hair

Yup, I hooked up the Nick Zinner hair today. But not on purpose. I realized that's what it was after the fact. It's sort of sticking straight out from my head in the front. And I have on a dark button-down shirt. YYYs were in town Saturday. I stood on my chair part of the time. People drink beer, then leave the bottles and cans in the aisles at the Riverside. Yuck. The dude from Blood on the Wall sounded like Jack White. I wonder if that was on purpose. Holy fuck, the chick who plays bass is named Courtney! She wears glasses! And, fuckity-fuck, Brad Shanks went to school in Lawrence, KS!
Um, ok, what else? YYYs added a fourth person for the tour. They played a lot of songs from Show Your Bones. I think that sounds like them, only glammy-er. Haven't bought it yet. Christian Joy's designs for Karen O are getting more sophisticated. I loved what she wore on the cover of Spin. Nick Zinner's a total cutey pants. He was stage left diddling around with his equipment. I was like, He's like a hot anime come to life! I also think he's a very good guitar player. Yah, better than Jack White. I guess the whole guitar-with-octave-pedal-as-fake-bass disturbed me more than I realized. I thought the whole playing through more than one amp thing was kind of sketchy ego thing, but Michael Allen signed off on that. So, ok then. But, really, when I watch a show I'm watching the drummer because I really want to get on the old drumkit myself, but I've been intimidated by the hand-eye coordination thing. Butch Vig was my drumming hero for a hot minute last year. But it's always been about Brian Chase. And he's a cutey pants, too.
Big reveal: Say "A" is a play on a song by The Seconds called Say Hey. But you'd know that if you really were indie rock enough!!

11 April 2006

Say "A"

Are you indie rock enough to get the title reference? Anyway, this post is about men's undershirts. Some people refer to the sleeveless kind as "wife beaters" or--perhaps they feel this gingerly linguistic intervention somehow ameliorates the effect--"beaters." That's not ok. In fact, it's completely, utterly wack. And you don't have to say it. There's a better phrase. It's "a-shirt." So, stop using that other phrase already.
My introduction to the a-shirt qua a-shirt stems from
Devil in a Blue Dress, a movie Denzel Washington starred in when I was in college. (It also features the always soigné Don Cheadle. Sometimes I ask myself, Who's better dressed: Denzel or Don? ) In this movie, the a-shirt is an essential costume element. Denzel wears this article so well that Esquire ran a feature about a-shirts, from which I learned the term. And when you think about it, isn't the a-shirt rather indispensable?
The Professional, Natalie Portman's first movie? I had been telling this guy Bryan that an a-shirt, trousers, suspenders and boots would make a really awesome outfit. He didn't seem convinced. One day we were watching The Professional together--and that was exactly what Jean Reno, the actor who portrayed Leon the hit man, was wearing. And, you might have realized that Jean Reno and Don Cheadle were both in Hotel Rwanda.
But maybe these overwhelmingly sleek men have not convinced you to make the change. So, try saying it to yourself: "A-shirt." Now, isn't that nice? It calls up an image of an elegantly suited, well-shod man who smells good who's about to make himself a gimlet (that would be with gin, not vodka), doesn't it? What do I smell when someone uses actually inexcusable term "wife beater?" Cheap beer.

02 April 2006

Two Great Tastes

Andrea Loest has been a friend of mine since my days in Iowa City. Since being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, she has been living in North Carolina. She has a cat named Bandit and a boyfriend's dog named Bird. The last time I talked to her--back in January--the two of them were mixing it up.
Portland, OR, is one of my fashion obsessions. I keep hearing that they have this massive, awesome indie fashion scene there. Well, it turns out that Andrea had a show at Seaplane, the Indie Fashion Palace of the Northwest. Andrea's life is always so awesome. Except for hurricanes, I guess.
Andrea was planning to go to NO for Mardi Gras. Before she did that, though, she went to the Netherlands and got herself on Dutch TV. Check out her photos by going to her website and clicking on Photo Gallery. I am totally excited about her designs' evolution.

Boy Booty & Dirty Urges: About Photography

My title is a brilliant fridge poetry composition from last week when I was cat-sitting. There was no booty, no urges. Sadly. Last Saturday I shot one of my colleagues for my Presentation of Learning. He has a really interesting face. A face that you could spend hours and hours shooting. Or maybe I just think that because I'm slightly OC. I'm excited to see how they come out. He even let me put makeup on him! I got the color roll developed yesterday.
Two of my goals for this year are photography-related. I want to get another lens for my camera. And I want to learn more about lighting. Most of the photos I've taken have been happenstance of good lighting. I want to be able to do my own--have my little light meter, carry around my gels. I would feel so cool.
Arek brought up something that I've thought about before myself: shooting people when they're not expecting it. When they're between movements or shifting or talking to you. I don't like having people pose. I have some great photos of my friend Elise on the first role I ever shot. I was shooting while she was eating or answering a question I just asked her. I love this because it's more naturalistic.
A photography epiphany I had last week: my face is endlessly interesting. I must do self-portraits. That totally makes me wish that I knew how to do them.