13 December 2006

Rhymes With "Quadracci"

Bambini, guess what Ms. Kansas discovered last night??! A sucker for Milwaukee's old buildings and an admitted history nerd, she could not pass up Larry Widen and Judi Anderson's book Silver Screens: A Pictorial History of Milwaukee's Movie Theaters. When she read that none other than LIBERACE was one of Milwaukee's native sons, Ms. Kansas's jaw bounced off the floor. OMKG!!! Liberace!! She couldn't quite believe it. It's too perfect. And while her taste is markedly different from Wladziu's--that's Lee's first name. Kids, it just doesn't get more Milwaukee than that--Ms. Kansas believes that all style beacons are to be embraced. Why, if this were Madison, Liberace, The Musical! would have run long ago at Broom Street Theatre.

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