23 October 2006

Halloween Love

Ms. Kansas always has the best of intentions for Halloween--even if she rarely follows through on them. There is something very glamorous and sultry about this holiday, no? What with the whole veil-between-living-and-dead-lifting/carnivalesque angle, don't you think? Revellers in stunning and well-planned costumes inspire fantasies of going as Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald, a 1930s glamorpuss or an Anne Rice-style vampire.Though, for the record, Ms. Kansas has nothing for the Halloween in Madison scene but an upturned nose. Yes, that was "Madison," as in "Wisconsin."

This morning Ms. Kansas was thinking about how female college students' costumes list toward Sexy This or That. As in Sexy (read: Slutty) Nurse or Teacher. These costumes not only lack imagination, originality and intelligence--but also they're completely, utterly tired.

So, Ms. Kansas is here to solve the Halloween costuming conundrum for female college students the nation over. Fortunately, every college student can't come to Halloween in Madison. But that doesn't mean they have to miss out on all the fun! Below is a list of Sexy Costumes A La Wisconsin:

10. Slutty Wolf
9. Slutty Beer Stein
8. Slutty Cranberry
7. Slutty Sink
6. Slutty Maple Syrup Bottle
5. Slutty Can of Pledge
4. Slutty Calatrava Wing
3. Slutty Sub-Zero Fridge
2. Slutty Lake Michigan
1. Slutty Frank Lloyd Wright Building

Just like being there! Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!!

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