16 January 2007

Gotta Be Me!!

2006 was a great year for personal growth. Well, at least it was for me. I had a few important realizations. I'm not like everyone else. Yes, it took 31 years for this to soak in. I mean, not that anyone is like anyone else--not even identical twins. Erm, but, really--no. I've gotten myself into all manner of situations because I never realized people weren't just like me. Because lists are fun to read, here is one of the things I do on an almost daily basis:

1. Listen to classical music
2. Watch movies with subtitles--in "obscure" languages like Hebrew, yet!
3. Maintain nodding acquaintance with "Decorative Arts Studies"
4. Learn about history
5. Drink tea
6. Read
7. Maintain a journal

All unbelievably fey, isn't it? But, so what? That's what I do. That's who I am. One of the realizations I had--anew, I'm afraid--is that I'm interested in style. Lo, I remember the days of grad school! when, taking a class about the 19th-century home taught by a visiting professor, I cottoned on to the fact that people actually did study and think extensively about things like interiors. And, by extension, fashion. (All kissing cousins within the effete Decorative Arts universe, my lovelies.) Oh, but it all felt so decadent! A wholesome Midwestern girl like myself wallowing in the dissolution of faience and frou-frou on the East Coast? Oh, dearie me, no. One doesn't have a grim Protestant streak for nothing. I was accepted to the the Costume Studies program at NYU and actually ended up attending the analogous program at Madison, but all the while an inner voice was tutting, Oh, my, dear, you should be doing something useful...like saving the world.

Ah, but as it turned out, this was a misunderstanding of and disservice to myself. My unwillingness to suffer fakeness and facade would seem to render me unfit for the fashion world. And I must admit I'd quite agree. As I famously once said , "Fashion is bullshit." It's style I'm after. And goddamn if I don't have a flair for it and always haven't...

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