04 May 2006

Style Shout-Out I

What is a style shout-out? It is someone or something who has not yet ascended to the lofty heights of icon status, yet is noteworthy and, perhaps, influential. It's quick and dirty.
For our first Style Shout-Out, we have Lisa Bonet/Denise Huxtable. I suspect former English professors would take me to task for conflating the woman with her character. How simplistic! How naive. Yet, I believe I can make a sure-footed argument for the case of Lisa Bonet the person being inextricably bound up with her alter ego, Denise. Denise, the weird one! Denise, the freak! Denise, with her white-girl-talking self! Wasn't Lisa Bonet herself some of those things? Without Lisa Bonet, Denise Huxtable just wasn't conceivable. What balm to the soul for the odd Black girl out!
I remember Denise's trippy New Wave gear and choppy hairdo. Denise as Olivia's stepmom wearing the skirt-trouser hybrid I coveted. Denise and her head of swinging locks. Denise jacking up Theo's knock-off designer shirt. And then it was on a whole new level on A Different World. My recommendation to anyone would be: get your dvds of A Different World and bite Denise's style tout de suite.
This is my tribute to Lisa Bonet. Thanks for letting your freak flag fly.

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