02 April 2006

Two Great Tastes

Andrea Loest has been a friend of mine since my days in Iowa City. Since being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, she has been living in North Carolina. She has a cat named Bandit and a boyfriend's dog named Bird. The last time I talked to her--back in January--the two of them were mixing it up.
Portland, OR, is one of my fashion obsessions. I keep hearing that they have this massive, awesome indie fashion scene there. Well, it turns out that Andrea had a show at Seaplane, the Indie Fashion Palace of the Northwest. Andrea's life is always so awesome. Except for hurricanes, I guess.
Andrea was planning to go to NO for Mardi Gras. Before she did that, though, she went to the Netherlands and got herself on Dutch TV. Check out her photos by going to her website and clicking on Photo Gallery. I am totally excited about her designs' evolution.

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