17 April 2006

Nick Zinner Hair

Yup, I hooked up the Nick Zinner hair today. But not on purpose. I realized that's what it was after the fact. It's sort of sticking straight out from my head in the front. And I have on a dark button-down shirt. YYYs were in town Saturday. I stood on my chair part of the time. People drink beer, then leave the bottles and cans in the aisles at the Riverside. Yuck. The dude from Blood on the Wall sounded like Jack White. I wonder if that was on purpose. Holy fuck, the chick who plays bass is named Courtney! She wears glasses! And, fuckity-fuck, Brad Shanks went to school in Lawrence, KS!
Um, ok, what else? YYYs added a fourth person for the tour. They played a lot of songs from Show Your Bones. I think that sounds like them, only glammy-er. Haven't bought it yet. Christian Joy's designs for Karen O are getting more sophisticated. I loved what she wore on the cover of Spin. Nick Zinner's a total cutey pants. He was stage left diddling around with his equipment. I was like, He's like a hot anime come to life! I also think he's a very good guitar player. Yah, better than Jack White. I guess the whole guitar-with-octave-pedal-as-fake-bass disturbed me more than I realized. I thought the whole playing through more than one amp thing was kind of sketchy ego thing, but Michael Allen signed off on that. So, ok then. But, really, when I watch a show I'm watching the drummer because I really want to get on the old drumkit myself, but I've been intimidated by the hand-eye coordination thing. Butch Vig was my drumming hero for a hot minute last year. But it's always been about Brian Chase. And he's a cutey pants, too.
Big reveal: Say "A" is a play on a song by The Seconds called Say Hey. But you'd know that if you really were indie rock enough!!

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