02 April 2006

Boy Booty & Dirty Urges: About Photography

My title is a brilliant fridge poetry composition from last week when I was cat-sitting. There was no booty, no urges. Sadly. Last Saturday I shot one of my colleagues for my Presentation of Learning. He has a really interesting face. A face that you could spend hours and hours shooting. Or maybe I just think that because I'm slightly OC. I'm excited to see how they come out. He even let me put makeup on him! I got the color roll developed yesterday.
Two of my goals for this year are photography-related. I want to get another lens for my camera. And I want to learn more about lighting. Most of the photos I've taken have been happenstance of good lighting. I want to be able to do my own--have my little light meter, carry around my gels. I would feel so cool.
Arek brought up something that I've thought about before myself: shooting people when they're not expecting it. When they're between movements or shifting or talking to you. I don't like having people pose. I have some great photos of my friend Elise on the first role I ever shot. I was shooting while she was eating or answering a question I just asked her. I love this because it's more naturalistic.
A photography epiphany I had last week: my face is endlessly interesting. I must do self-portraits. That totally makes me wish that I knew how to do them.

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