29 March 2006

Rock Star in the Office

I'm not an office rock star in the sense of being some typing or spreadsheet ninja. My outfit yesterday made me feel like my office's resident rock star. We had a site visit from the Americans for the Arts reps, and I was like, People who live on the east coast often have this very parochial idea of what the Midwest is like. That is, if they're not from the Midwest themselves. So, I needed a good outfit. I wore the navy J. Crew top I always wear and these black trousers that are admittedly from the Gap that have a slimmer silhouette. My socks were navy, and I wore the Docs I've had for nearly 10 (!) years. I wore a black belt with a square silver-colored buckle. So, my lines were very Keith Richards in the early 1970s. I untwisted my hair and pinned the back up and wore black eyeliner. The total effect was very new-wave 1980s British band--especially my hair. I swaggered to the printer and copy machine all day.

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