14 March 2006

Jewelry Love: SERRV/A Greater Gift

I was on the bus this morning and I was thinking about how I was going to have to do a quick post about the organization formerly known as SERRV. I don't wear jewelry that much; it's not inaccurate to say that I don't wear jewelry. Recently, though, I discovered a bracelet I bought as a gift for someone, but never sent. This bracelet "is very Masai." It's this gorgeous red. Oblong and small round wooden beads. I pair it with this turquoise jacket I always wear as a layer or a little green Austrian-style blazer with red facing at the cuffs. Also in the same never-sent batch of gifts was a pair of red-beaded double horseshoe-shaped brass earrings. Made in Kenya. A Greater Gift gets lots of samples from artisans all over the world, too. I once scored a pair of little metal bicycle earrings in the gift shop that I sent to a British South African friend now living in Omaha. The stuff they sell is unbelievably affordable, too! The link above will take you to the jewelry webpage. Stop by one of the stores in Madison. They also have this cool Tibetan collection. As I've mentioned in a previous post, A Greater Gift is an awesome Fair Trade non-profit. Store addresses in Madison are 122 State Street, half a block from ye olde Capitol, and 2701 Monroe Street, nextdoor to Bluephies. Don't sleep on it.

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