20 March 2006

Ehh...Bay View

I am doing this post to give myself a little treat. Yesterday I was in Bay View. So far, no one has touched my hair. I have no qualms about punching anyone who does, though. I went for my knitting lesson at Knitwit. I hate purling--no, wait, I'm trying to do some behavior mod--I love purling. Recently I dreamt that Susie was trying to convince me that I should felt wool--that I should consider it as a career option. Knitwit does have drop-in felting days; I'll think about it, Suze. After my lesson, I felt I needed to go to Sweet Kicks because that's where my knitting teacher told me she got her sweet purse. Sweet Kicks is across the street from the Highbury; as I was walking into the store, some guys loitering around the Highbury's entrance cat-called me in a non-threatening way. Sweet Kicks has many, many pairs of Campers there, but not the kind of boots I wanted. They also carry Le Coq Sportif and Gola brands. I bought a red plastic cabochon-shaped ring. I knew I would post about yesterday afternoon because I found myself buying jewelry. I don't wear jewelry. I wore the ring out of the store. Something must be afoot. This must be a new phase of my life. Seriously. Next, I stopped by FASTEN and looked at their sale items. I was looking for a boy gift. I decided against the little gray wallet with a car screen-printed on it. I went nextdoor to Paper Boat. The stuff there is usually a little out of my, ahem, range. They carry bags, some clothing, jewelry, etc. I've been totally excited to go in there and find the brands like Lekkner and Polaire that I see advertised in Venus or Bust. I found a nice little something, though, with a giraffe motif.

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