22 March 2006

Department Stores Love Wisconsin

I must be a blogaholic. Just a quick one at work. Nobody will notice! I had an interview this morning with Carson Pirie Scott, which was recently bought by The Bon Ton, for a Merchandising Assistant opening. Carson Pirie Scott used to be a part of Saks Incorporated. I was walking down the street and I knew I would do a post. There seem to be a lot of department stores around Milwaukee. The place where Borders is now used to be a Gimbel's. There's an Art Deco parking garage on Michigan that says Gimbel's. I'd heard the name before, of course, so I googled it. The first Gimbel's was here in Milwaukee. Who knew?
Then, of course, Kohl's is headquartered here in Wisconsin. I applied for a Fashion Stylist opening there. I was like, I'd be good at that! Then I realized I'm shooting a model this weekend and that I've had other people model for me since I got my 35mm. Holy crap! I should put together a portfolio. Thinking about that made me start to sweat. But, you know, I shoot photos, I style. Hell, why not?

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