30 March 2006

The Beauty of Everyday

I ate lunch pretty late today--around 3PM. I went to Harlequin Bakery, which is so adorable, even though I knew they wouldn't have any pizza so late in the afternoon. Their truffles caught my eye--so I bought one little box of two for myself and one for a friend. I am a sucker for decor and packaging. What can I say? The little box for my friend fit perfectly in this carved wooden box I carry my individually packaged teabags in. I will not deny that I am almost unbearably smug about this wooden box. It's like being one of those bitingly chic women in 1930s movies who puts her cigarettes in a cool box to offer her guests--only not unhealthy.
On the counter at Harlequin they had these mango jellies for $.35. Who can resist that? So, I bought one of those, as well. The taste of mango takes my brain to Tel Aviv. There's more mango-flavored stuff there than we have here in the US. It's oddly metallic, but a really good ripe piece tastes mellow and almost smooth. I love Harelquin's pistachio-green, pink and brown logo. Food colors. Sweet, minty colors.
So, I walked down the street to Bella for something more substantial. They had mozzarella and Roma tomato sandwiches there! Ok, I guess mozzarella and tomato sandwiches take my brain to New York. It was delish.
I walked back to my office and realized running out for lunch is very ordinary and, well, needful, but it was the style epicenter of my day.

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