01 February 2006

This Is Mad Style??

I was in Madison this past weekend. I took a to-do list with me. Most of it was shopping related. So, where do I shop? Oh, you all would like to know, wouldn't you?! I often ask people where they get their stuff, but am hypocritically tight-lipped about where I get mine. Well, I'm not going to reveal my Super Secret Shopping Spots, but here are some in no particular order: Cornblooms at Hilldale. I just got myself a pair of super comfy Earth Shoes there. They often have good sales. They carry Cydwoq, Dansko, Camper...what else? Frye boots and Birkenstocks. Good stuff and they're an independent store. There are other good shoe stores in Hilldale, too, like Preidt, which is exceedingly expensive and another whose name I forget. City Shuz is near the Capitol. They have trendy brands like Bronx and Dollhouse. J. LaMore at Knickerbocker Place sometimes has good shoes. I like buying cute stuff I really don't need at Pop Deluxe on State Street. I like their bags. I've bought onesies for 3 different babies at A Room of One's Own with sayings like "I Love My Mom" and "I Love My Daddies." I went to Glitter Workshop on East Johnson. They opened right about the time I was leaving Madison. Handmade clothing and jewelry and vintage indie designer stuff. Very "cute." And where will you go now that you're decked out in style? Here are some nice places to hang out: Natt Spil--you can actually have a conversation in the back room. Cafe Zoma. As I predicted, as soon as I left Madison they started staying open evenings. Their decor is great. I love the unmatched dishes they use. Their desserts are yummy. During warm months, you can sit out back overlooking the bike path and community gardens. And your doggy can sit with you--as long as s/he plays nice. Cafe Montmartre, where I actually saw Shirley Manson in person. She's awesome! Roman Candle has a great decor--and pretty yummy pizza. Kitty-corner from them, Mother Fool's has a great eclectic decor with yellow walls. Equipped with this list, you are now ready to go forth in style in Madison.

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