23 February 2006

Style Icon, Pt. 1

It's a truism among the stylish: you know whose style you should bite? Old ladies'. No doubt. Old ladies consistently have great coats. A good coat is everything. What you buy at the Gap or J. Crew these days is true crap; you realize this if you buy coats at the thrift or charity store. Next, their shoes. If you don't know how to rock an old lady shoe, you're a slobbering amateur. Try a poly coat in a dark shade with a pair of Hush Puppies. Or, for a casual look to go to class, Hush Puppies with jeans. Not some ridiculous overpriced jeans, though. A good reasonably-priced pair will do. From the 1980s, if you're lucky. Little old ladies also seem to know how to freak out a stompy boot, which often makes a look. Also, old ladies know from headwear. They wear scarves on their heads 1960s-style. It's not for everyone, no, but it's very eye-catching. The inspiration for this post was an old lady with a city cart--you know, the things people in New York take with them when they go grocery shopping. What do you call those things?--that I saw in the library. Wear little old lady clothes and go ballroom dancing. It can make a very fun Friday night.

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