26 February 2006

Gay is ok!!

Last night I went to UWM's drag show. It was really good. I'm not being catty when I say that I was shocked by how good it was. The performers, especially Lady Gia, Jade, Kenya and Angel Maxima (I hope I spelled those names right), were excellent. There was also a drag king who absolutely tore it up. I don't remember his name. The MC, Isis, worked the crowd like a professional and had two outfit changes. I had a really great time. And the show was a benefit for Project Q, I think.
The queens rocked what could only be called, even by conservative descriptions, hoochie gear. But whatever. Having spent all those years in grad school, I could not stop myself from thinking about how gender is a performance--most of the queens who were performing have a better catwalk stride than I do--with the makeup, clothes and gestures. When a guy makes a prettier woman than I do, I think that brings to the fore how these ideas of beauty, femininity and glamour are complete put-ons.
This also makes me think how in the most recent Savage Love column, someone wrote in about the usage of the word "gay" as an adjective. Whenever I describe something as "gay," I'm referring to a style, aesthetic, or flavor usually rocked by or associated with stylish gay men. I'll admit that when I'm trying to run my gaydar I look for "gay" style signifiers--fashion or style signals that straight men are generally too clueless or inept to perform. So, for me calling an outfit or accessory(because, bambini, that's usually what I'm referring to) "gay" means it has some awe-provoking, superstylish quality. Also, it really seems like using "gay" as a synonym for "pathetic," "tired," or "weak" is for middle-schoolers. It's just that over.
I'll say it loud and proud: Homos are my homies!!

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