03 January 2006

More handmade goodness...that's non-exploitative

Full disclosure: I used to work at SERRV International/A Greater Gift. But I'm not on their payroll anymore! From September 2004 through May 2005, I worked in the retail store of this Fair Trade non-profit in Madison. Yippee! Kathi Koppa was the greatest store manager possible. I cannot imagine a better retail job. The textiles there are incredible. There are beautiful silk scarves, hand-crocheted laces, rugs (!!) and baskets galore. Everything is handmade. While I was there, it made me realize that people in these Third World countries were making their living doing things like making pottery, dolls and glasses. How many people in the U.S. would give their eyeteeth to be able to support themselves making earrings?? The stores in Madison, WI, are at 122 State Street and at Knickerbocker Place on Monroe Street.

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