21 January 2006

Dress Reform

Dress Reform is a 19th-century concept aimed at getting women out of restrictive garments like corsets, crinolines and bustles. But I think Dress Reform is needed today in the form of people buying and wearing less clothes. I like the idea of a "uniform," of wearing the same thing every day of the week. Having acres and acres of clothes is really at 20th-century American concept. Even today, people in other countries just don't have the sheer number of clothes Americans have. French women buy fewer clothes than American women. Having endless outfits is obviously consumption driven. The fashion cycle is ludicrous. Fashions used to be in style for a decade or more (of course, this was in the 18th century and before.) In any aspect of life, I believe in getting something that's well made and expensive rather than overpriced crap you'll have to keep replacing. I realize, though, that if I were given the choice, I would have so many clothes that I would need an extra room to store them. But why is that? Maybe if I weren't so consumed with getting more an more clothes our outfits I would focus on other things. I think if the focus in clothing is on an item being well-made, there's more time for beauty rather than accumulation.

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