13 December 2005

Tegan and Sara: So Adorable

I have a gig to interview Tegan and Sara again. They did this PETA ad that's on the back of the Winter 2005 issue of Venus. I'm like, Aww, look at them! They're so cute! I saw them when they played in Madison last December. They're teeny-teeny in person. And they rock the 80s hair that really ought not work. I've been trying to figure out who they remind me of for the last year. At first I thought it was Joan Jett. Hmmm...no. Ok, I got it! Jane Fonda in Klute. Or not. I'm looking at this ad last week. And. The truth is, they look like Alyssa Milano. I mean that in a good way, though. T&S have a DVD coming out this spring. The last time I interviewed one of them, I asked if they were available. I came off sounding like the biggest dolt ever. Oh, great, now one of them thinks I'm really clueless. Yeh, so what? It's not like they did it [become quasi-famous rocker types to ] be friends with me.

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