26 December 2005

Adrien Brody's so hot. Tee hee!

I dremt this morning that I put a post up on my blog about Adrien Brody--so here it is. His eyes are so pretty. And I'm a nose woman. He has very sexy, confident screen presence. Of course, his mom is photographer Sylvia Plachy. I saw King Kong on Christmas Eve. That movie totally blew. But the costumes were pretty awesome. The film mentioned size-4 costumes for a certain character. From my days in the Costume & Textiles Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society, I can tell you that this was bullshit. That's not how clothing was sized back then. (As an interactive movie consumer, I did not hesitate to share this insight with whoever was in hearing distance.) Even though the movie was dreck, it was a consolation knowing I was going to be looking at Adrien Brody in dapper period menswear. It seems he spends a good part of his time in dapper period menswear. See The Pianist, The Singing Detective and Liberty Heights. Oh, also The Last Time I Committed Suicide, though he didn't have much screen time. But he looks good whatever he wears. I loved him in Summer of Sam and Love the Hard Way. Thank god he's a brilliant actor.

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